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Bodywork and Coating


Our metal technicians can build any piece of the car's chassis and body (e.g. aluminum or steel panels), rendering the original lines of the car and covering every vehicle's need. Respecting the originality if each car, we deliver them as they were delivered from the industry.
When it comes to car paint and refinishing, we follow a strict policy: our clients can only choose the color code for their cars, while the choice of materials and, above all, their quality remains solely at our decision, for only in the way we can guarantee exquisite results of factory standards.
The car body is stripped from any material that has been used on it, using sand, soda or glass blasting techniques, so as for us to work on bare metal. First, we restore all rusty parts and any other faults of the bare metal. After the application of epoxy-primers and the other materials, we paint the vehicle in two levels: first we paint the car using 2K paint and we leave the paint on the settle and reveal any unforeseen faults. After two weeks, we bleach the surfaces and we restore faults. Finally we paint the car once more, applying the final coating that shall give out factory-like results and "state of the art" appearance.
Chassis 3  Chassis 4  Chassis 5  Chassis 6